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Empowering Impact: Our Dedication to Non-Profit Collaborations

Welcome to the heart of iENYRID SCOOTER, rooted in a deep commitment to social responsibility, where we partner with non-profit organizations to do socially beneficial things. Learn what nonprofits we partner with? And what contributions have you made?

Worth Wyl Foundation

Nonprofit organizations we work with

Worth Wyl Foundation is a community center and non-profit organization dedicated to creating positive change in our neighborhoods. Through our various programs and initiatives, we strive to build stronger and safer communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Our team is passionate about making a difference and works tirelessly to address social and economic issues that affect our community members.
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How We Contribute

Empowering Community Mobility
We iENYRID provide WYL founder William (Wyl) Mathes with iENYRID M4 Pro S+ electric scooters at cost price to facilitate his travel. This move streamlined his movement among communities and allowed him to devote more energy to philanthropic endeavors.

Inspiring Community Engagement
In support of non-profit causes, we have contributed to community engagement by generously donating an iENYRID M4 Pro S+ electric scooter as a prize. We aim to incentivize increased participation in non-profit community activities and fundraising efforts. The recipient of the award will receive the electric scooter free of charge, fostering a sense of ownership and mobility.
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Interested in learning more about our core values, social responsibility initiatives or exploring a potential collaboration with iENYRID SCOOTER? Connect with our team to learn more about how we can make meaningful change together.
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