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    What is the Speed Limit on the iENYRID M4 Pro Series Scooters?

    Aug 23,2023 | iENYRID

    The world of electric transportation has revolutionized our means of getting around. Among the myriad options available, the iENYRID M4 Pro S+ stands out for its exceptional performance and remarkable speed. Today, we embark on a journey to uncover a question that's been on the minds of many: What is the speed limit on the iENYRID M4 Pro S+? Let's dive into the details and unveil the thrilling performance metrics.

    The Significance of Speed Limits

    Speed limits for electric transportation are crucial considerations. Beyond comfort, they play a vital role in ensuring safety for riders and pedestrians alike. Striking the right balance between exhilarating speed and control is paramount, making the speed limit of the iENYRID M4 Pro S+ a topic of great importance for potential riders.

    Unveiling the Power of the iENYRID M4 Pro S+

    As a highly anticipated electric transportation option, the iENYRID M4 Pro S+ has captured attention for its cutting-edge performance and impressive design. For consumers looking to make an informed decision, understanding the speed capabilities of this vehicle is essential. Let's delve into the specifics:

    Exploring Speed Limits

    Before we dive into the speed limit of the iENYRID M4 Pro S+, let's establish the concept of speed limits. The speed limit refers to the maximum speed that an electric vehicle can achieve under normal operating conditions. This metric serves as a critical reference point, impacting not only performance but also rider experience and safety.

    The Speed Limit on the iENYRID M4 Pro S+

    The iENYRID M4 Pro S+ is equipped with a powerful motor and advanced control technology. According to official specifications, the maximum speed limit of the iENYRID M4 Pro S+ is 28 mph (approximately 45km/h). This speed limit ensures an exhilarating yet controlled riding experience, catering to urban commutes and leisurely rides.

    It's important to note that while the iENYRID M4 Pro S+ boasts a maximum speed limit of 28 miles per hour, the actual speed achieved can vary based on factors such as terrain, rider weight, battery condition, and more.

    How to Remove the iENYRID M4 Pro S+ Speed Limited

    When you just got the iENYRID M4 Pro S+ electric scooter, its top speed is only 25km/h, you need to lift the speed limit to reach the top speed of 45km/h.
    Here's how:
    1. Open the scooter with the key, press the power button to start the scooter
    2. Quickly press the M key 5 times.
    3. Test whether the maximum speed can reach 45km/h
    4. Press the power button to shut down, so that the set data can be saved.

    You can also watch this video: (only for S+/S+ Max)

    For m4 pro S, please watch this, for UK rider, watch this video

    Concluding the Ride

    The iENYRID M4 Pro S+ stands as a testament to the thrilling capabilities of electric transportation. With a top speed of 28 miles per hour, it strikes a balance between performance and safety, making it suitable for a variety of riding scenarios. However, riders should be mindful that real-world speeds can differ due to multiple influencing factors.

    For those considering the purchase or already enjoying the iENYRID M4 Pro S+, understanding its speed limit is not just about performance—it's about embracing a powerful and dynamic riding experience while ensuring safety remains a top priority. So, to answer the question "What is the speed limit on the iENYRID M4 Pro S+?"—it's a thrilling 28 miles per hour that promises excitement and adventure with every ride.